Our ultimate goal for this fast and consecration is to develop ourselves to have and experience a deeper walk with The Lord.  We will accomplish this through detoxing our natural and spiritual man.  Natural fasting flushes out the toxins in your body.

Spiritually we can build up toxins because of having limited trust in The Lord, and or not living or walking in true faith as we should. There is also what we will consider as “Stinking Thinking” this is how our thought process operates in our lives.

Proverbs 23:7a “for as he thinks in his heart, so is he:” Thoughts are powerful and the devils mission is to affect our thoughts so that we begin to doubt the validity of God’s word. 

This new calendar year as we enter into 2015, make it your mission to detox your physical body by fasting and eating healthy. As well as detoxing your spiritual body by presenting yourselves unto God, according to Romans 12:1-2.


Friday, 2nd – Saturday, 3rd January 2015

No sweets for the entire 30 days !

We start out by getting sweets out of our diets. No cakes, no pies, no cookies, no candies, no fruit roll – ups, no fruit snacks, no cracker jacks, no sodas, no kool-aid, no lemonade, no sweet tea, no sweetened or sugary drinks, no jellies or jams, syrups, no presweetened cereals or Jell-O, etc.  Please be real with yourself. 

Suggested food items: Fresh fruits (no canned fruits) are encouraged for this fast.  Also nuts are good, none with sugar on them.  NOTE: Make sure you do not have medical issues in which fruits will cause problems.  Too much fruit may not be good for some people.  If you are drinking juices they have to be 100% juice (no sugar or syrup added) 100% percent fruit or vegetable juice is okay for this fast (but do not drink more than a glass full of fruit Juice each day). Vegetable juice which is 100% vegetable no sugar or if you decide to blend fresh veggies or fruit this is ok.  Reminder: This will be part of the fast for the entire 30 days.   

Ensure to drink plenty of water during the fast.  You will need it to flush out the unneeded toxins from your body. 

Note:  You may want to consult your physician before taking on a fast. 

Thought: A key element in carrying out God's kingdom agenda is our management of what He has given to us. In this life, none of what we think we own do we really own. All that we "own" really belongs to God. As temporary managers, we are merely the stewards of the home. Therefore, we have to function according to His agenda, not ours. 

Prayer Focus: Praying for discipline. Praying to become a better steward, Praying for your spiritual development, Pray for greater understanding of becoming a Kingdom builder.  

Suggested Scripture for reading and reflection: Psalm 51